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Sun May 19    Depart New York City for Tel Aviv with  Dr. Roy Blizzard on a unique educational experience.

Mon May 20    Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport where our representative will be waiting to assist you with your luggage and through customs to your bus. Time permitting, stop in Jaffa en route to your hotel for a magnificent panoramic view of Tel Aviv.

Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv



Tues May 21    After breakfast,  journey to Tel Qasile to visit the museum complex at the Eretz Israel Museum and Tel Qasile where Dr. Blizzard excavated for several seasons and where a Philistine temple from 1200 BCE was found.   Continue along the coastal plain to Caesarea, an impressive archaeological site built by Herod the Great in about 30 B.C. Caesarea was one of the main Roman towns in the eastern Mediterranean.
Visit Mount Carmel.

Stop at Haifa for beautiful panoramic view of the Bahai Gardens, Temples and the Haifa Bay.

Dinner and overnight in Haifa

Wed May 22    We will start the day at Acre, and see the ancient harbor and crusader underground city.
We will proceed through the Valley of Megiddo to Tel Megiddo. Continue to Sepphoris (known as Zippori in Hebrew) which was the capital of the Galilee region at the time of the Roman occupation and the traditional childhood home of Mary the mother of Jesus. From Sepphoris, we will pass through Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus. We will continue north to the ancient necropolis of Bet Shearim.

Dinner and overnight in the Galilee


Sea of Galilee

Thur May 23    From Sea of Galilee we will journey along the eastern coast of the Sea of Galilee to the magnificent fortress of Gamla, also known as the northern Masada. From Gamla we will journey to Katzrin, an ancient city from the time of the Talmud. We proceed north to the Syrian border near Mount Hermon and stop at the beautiful crater lake known as Birket Ram. We will descend from the Golan Heights into the Hula Valley and visit the ruins of the crusader fortress of Nimrod. From Nimrod we will descend to the territory of ancient Caesarea Philippi to the head waters of the Jordan River at the Banias. From the Banias we will continue to Tel Dan, the northern limits of Israel in ancient times.

Dinner and overnight in the Galilee



Fri May 24    Today, we will go through the Hula Valley to Hazor the chief Canaanite city in ancient times. Then stop at Safed, the center of Jewish Mysticism and  study of Kabbalah. We will travel to Korazim, one of the cities cursed by Jesus, and then to Mt. Of Beatitudes where Jesus performed his Sermon on the mount.  We will visit Capernaum, the home of Peter, James and John and also for a time the home of Jesus. We will continue down the Jordan Valley to the magnificent site of Bet Shean, one of the most magnificent archaeological sites in Israel.

Dinner and overnight in Sea of Galilee


Dead Sea

Sat May 25    Today we leave the Sea of Galilee and journey south to visit the magnificent Crusader Fortress of Belvoir, also known as the Star of Jordan. From Belvoir, we continue down the Jordan Valley to visit Jericho, most ancient city in the world. We proceed to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and from Qumran to Nachal David and climb all the way up to the waterfall at the head of the Wadi, at ancient Ein Gedi.

Dinner and overnight at the Dead Sea



Sun May 26    Today we will rise early and ascend to the top of Masada, Herod’s mighty fortress.  From Masada, we will continue to the ruins of Mamshit, an ancient city mentioned on the Madaba map by the Greek name of Mampsis. From Mamshit continue up the Aravah we pass by the Wadi Paran, where the tribes of Israel camped, and then pass Hai-Bar and Kibbutz Yotvata, on our way to Eilat.

Dinner and overnight in Eilat



Mon May 27    Free day in Eilat or Optional visit to Petra

Dinner and overnight in Eilat

DAY 10

Timna Park

Tues May 28    We will leave Eilat and journey back along the Aravah to King Solomon’s Pillars and the ancient copper mines at Timna. Continue north to Avadat and visit this ancient Nabataean/Roman site. From Avadat we continue through Ramon Crater for amazing panoramic views

Dinner and overnight in Ramon Crater

DAY 11
Wed May 29    We continue through the wilderness of Tzin to Beersheva to visit the Biblical home of the Patriarchs located on the edge of the Negev. From Beersheva we will continue through the Negev to visit an interesting archaeological site and numerous caves in Maresha, and then to Bet Guvrin where we will visit a recently excavated gladiatorial arena. We will journey on through the rolling hill country to the Vale of Elah where David slew Goliath and continue to Jerusalem by way of Bet Shemesh where the Ark of the Covenant was brought from Ashkelon on a cart drawn by a milk cow. We will continue to our hotel in Jerusalem where we will stay for the remainder of our trip.

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

Mount of Olives

DAY 12
Thur May 30    We will ascend to the Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the ancient Golden City as it appears today. From the Mount of Olives, View the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock and Al Aksa mosques. We will visit the archaeological excavations at the Temple Mount where Dr. Blizzard worked from 1968 to 1973, visit the Western Wall, walk down the Via Dolorosa visiting the Church of St. Anne and the Pool of Bethesda, the Ecce Homo Convent and exit the old city at the Damascus gate.

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

DAY 13
Fri May 31    Our day begins with a visit to Mt. Zion, David’s Tomb, and the traditional Room of the Last Supper.  From Mt. Zion we will continue to the Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book to view the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the model of ancient Jerusalem  from  66 C.E. before its destruction in 70 C.E.

We continue to Bethlehem, visiting the Church of the Nativity and perhaps, if time and conditions permit, do some shopping in Bethlehem.

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

DAY 14

Judean Desert

Sat Jun 1    Today we will journey south to Hebron to visit the cave of Machpelah and the tombs of the Patriarchs.  From Hebron, we will continue into the Judean desert to visit Herodion, the famous tomb of Herod the Great.  From Herodion we will continue to the Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial to six million Jews murdered in World War II.
From the death and ashes to the triumph of the human spirit, you will plant a tree in the Judean Mountains and reignite the miracle of life.

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

DAY 15


Sun Jun 2    Today we will begin our visit in Jerusalem at the Joppa Gate.  We will visit the Tower of David Citadel, the Jewish quarter, Burnt House, the Cardo and other places of historical and/or archeological interest in the Old City. We will continue to the City of David and the Pool of Siloam.

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

DAY 16


Mon Jun 3    Free Day at leisure

Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem

DAY 17

Tues Jun 4     More sightseeing…

We will then make our way to Tel Aviv and enjoy a fabulous farewell meal.

After dinner proceed to Ben Gurion International Airport for our flight home with everlasting memories of Israel.

DAY 18
Wed Jun 5    Arrive Home